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7:30 Continental Breakfast (ends at 8:30)
9:00 Invited talk: Olivier Danvy
10:00 Break
Session 1 (Chair: Ryan Culpepper)
10:30 Adapting Scheme-Like Macros to a C-Like Language
Authors: Kevin Atkinson, Matthew Flatt
Paper: [pdf]
Slides: [pdf]
10:55 cKanren: miniKanren with Constraints
Authors: Claire E. Alvis, Jeremiah J. Willcock, Kyle M. Carter, William E. Byrd, Daniel P. Friedman
Paper: [pdf]
Slides: [pdf]
11:20 Ftypes: Structured foreign types
Authors: Andrew W. Keep, R. Kent Dybvig
Paper: [pdf]
11:45 Break
Session 2 (Chair: David Van Horn)
1:30 HopTex, compiling HTML to LaTeX with CSS
Authors: Manuel Serrano
Paper: [pdf]
Slides: [html]
1:55 Computational Contracts
Authors: Christophe Scholliers, Eric Tanter, Wolfgang De Meuter
Paper: [pdf]
Slides: [pdf]
2:20 Break
Session 3 (Chair: Jan Midtgaard)
2:45 Hygienic Literate Programming: Lessons from ChezWEB
Authors: Aaron W. Hsu
Paper: [pdf]
Slides: [pdf]
3:10 Keeping it Clean with syntax-parameterize
Authors: Eli Barzilay, Ryan Culpepper, Matthew Flatt
Paper: [pdf]
Slides: [pdf]
3:30 Break
Standardization Session
4:00 Scheme Standardization Status Report
Arthur Gleckler
Slides: [google]


The workshop invites submissions related to Scheme and functional programming.

We also welcome submissions related to dynamic or multiparadigmatic languages and programming techniques.

The following topics are especially encouraged:

  • compiler-implementation techniques;
  • compiler optimization;
  • data structures;
  • domain-specific languages;
  • contracts;
  • commercial applications of Scheme;
  • garbage-collection;
  • language-based security;
  • language design;
  • macros and hygiene;
  • mixing static and dynamic typing;
  • module systems;
  • static analysis;
  • semantics;
  • syntactic extensibility;
  • tools and packages; and
  • web-based development.


Chair Matt Might, Utah
Program Committee Michael Adams, Indiana University
Ryan Culpepper, University of Utah
Marc Feeley, Université de Montréal
Ron Garcia, Carnegie Mellon University
David Herman, Mozilla Research
Felix Klock, Adobe
Jay McCarthy, Brigham-Young University
Jan Midtgaard, Aarhus University
Manuel Serrano, INRIA Sophia-Antipolis
Sam Tobin-Hochstadt, Northeastern University
David Van Horn, Northeastern University